CSG Bill Explainer for Financial Services and Insurance

Reduce Bill Confusion to Build Customer Loyalty

Make the bill-to-payment journey more than just a transactional experience for your customers. You can drive digital engagement by creating a billing experience that guides customers through their bill, helping them to understand changes with generative artificial intelligence (AI)-driven personalized explanations.

Provide an industry best digital billing experience

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Meet your customers where they prefer to be

Create a seamless digital experience with a personalized microsite that communicates more than just basic facts to customers with generative AI-driven explanations on the why behind changes. Proactively notify customers of changes in bills, based on threshold rules, on the channel they prefer.

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Drive faster time to payment

Reinforce a positive, seamless billing journey for customers and guide outcomes with connected gateways to make a payment, adjust plans or file disputes. CSG Bill Explainer customers have seen up to a 30% click-through rate to make a payment.

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Boost billing efficiency and reduce call center expenses

Equip customers to self-serve with integrated Q&A with personalized, next best explanations. Reduce time for bill preparation with generative AI supported data ingestion and automatic detection of billing anomalies.

How much can CSG Bill Explainer save your business?

Use our calculator to estimate how CSG Bill Explainer can save your company time and money by reducing call center billing inquiries.

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