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DGIT CPQ & Order Management

Launch new products in hours instead of weeks

Create complex product bundles with ease with a visual product catalog. Then, get to market faster with automated configuration, pricing and quote management.

Immediately turn products into orders

Build product or service offers from components visually in design time. Assign rates and rules to every component so they’re enforced correctly at run time.
  • Control pricing, bundling, business interactions and service qualification through offerings
  • Build products visually from reusable components, including service and resource layers
  • Visually assign rate codes to product features, then instantly apply customer-specific rate cards and pricing policies at run time
  • Design fulfilment processes visually using BPMN, and view real-time process updates as orders flow through the system
  • Build products from service and resource components, then decompose orders into their P/S/R layers to drive seamless fulfilment

Automate configuration, pricing and quoting

Configure products with live pricing to create comprehensive orders that seamlessly flow through to quotes and fulfilment.
  • Build solutions with multi-line orders that capture complex relationships while making pricing and fulfillment simple
  • Watch pricing update instantly as orders are configured, and see price policies and discounts applied in real time
  • Manage the quote approval process with out-of-the-box workflows that enable seamless stakeholder sign-off
  • Let customers self-quote from within their self-service channels, and let sales teams quote from within your CRM systems

Take your DGIT deployment to the next level

Get the most out of your DGIT deployment with CSG Encompass™. With native integrations for billing, settlement and more, managing quote-to-cash has never been easier.

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Take your DGIT deployment to the next level

Simplify complex order fulfillment

Provide a seamless quote-to-activation experience for your customers. Avoid fulfillment and activation errors with reusable processes and visual configuration.
  • Automate fulfillment with reusable processes that provide real-time visibility over an order’s progress
  • Manage SLAs and OLAs through jeopardy management and automated escalation processes
  • Manage task allocation, data input, work lists and teams, all within your order workflows
  • Pull meaningful reporting data from DGIT telflow’s structured information framework, including state lifecycles and order types
  • Keep track of customers’ products, including their configurations, change histories and relationships, for real-time inventory management

Bill for more services with less work

Automatically rate and charge with a flexible, scalable cloud-based revenue management and billing platform. Send invoices and collect payments individually or in bulk.
  • Bill customers automatically for subscriptions, usage, or one-time charges
  • Enable automatic payments through stored payment methods, plus one-off payments from customers via payment gateways
  • Calculate charges and send invoices at any time, or make changes to billing cycles without interrupting dispatch
  • Rate as it happens, with real-time visibility over usage and events for both customers and service providers
  • Manage collections with customizable treatment levels, including late fees, barring, shaping and disconnection policies

The telco CPQ from CSG and DGIT

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