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CSG Assure

Roaming Testing

Ensure the best customer experience with our managed service testing and service quality assurance solution.

Give your roamers an experience that’s just like home

  • Roaming represents an important revenue stream for CSPs
  • Roamers expect to remain constantly connected with the same quality of service they receive in their home network
  • CSPs are facing a rapidly changing environment with new technologies being launched at a fast pace
  • This challenging environment can easily cause user experience and quality of service issues, leading to a great need for proactive roaming testing

CSG Assure Roaming Testing

With the CSG Assure Roaming Testing, you can simulate the real roamer experience.

  • End-to-end active testing for roaming quality verification
  • Global test network of mobile probes supporting 2G/3G/4G/5G network technologies
  • Remote SIM technology to simulate international roamers
  • Variety of tests for voice and SMS data including Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) and International Roaming Expert Group (IREG) supported
  • SaaS solution deployed in the cloud
Explore CSG Assure Roaming Testing
CSG Assure Roaming Testing

Global test network

Access the largest global test network

Access the largest global test network

Simulate roamers in over 600 mobile networks globally with automated roaming testing.

  • Allows simulation of roamers and local subscribers in most countries and networks globally, in the different network technologies
  • For any network technology, the services used by the roamer must be continuously controlled by the CSP to secure a good roaming user experience


CSG Assure Roaming Testing Highlights


  • Over 600 networks in more than 150 countries covered
  • Test nodes supporting the different network technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
  • Remote SIM (vSIM) capability for dynamic roaming testing
  • Support for SIM cards as well as MFF2 chip SIMs


Test all services for all networks

Test all services for all networks

Test all services for all networks

Test across all services; data, SMS, voice, IoT and VoLTE on all networks (2G-5G)



Ensure voice call quality across all technologies. We evaluate the widest range of QoS parameters to pinpoint and resolve any issues, ensuring seamless and reliable voice calls.



Prevent SMS roaming issues and verify SMS quality across 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks to eliminate lost messages, delays and content changes.



Keep your customer connected with a superior data roaming experience by testing 2G-5G data quality and multiple QoS parameters.

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Network registration

Seamless roaming starts with successful network registration, test network registration in various scenarios for example, selecting a specific network (PLMN) and/or network technology (RAT).



Comply with GSMA GRQ KPIs and IREG guidelines for continuous roaming quality monitoring and new service testing.


Steering of roaming & benchmarking

Verify and optimize roaming behavior to ensure your customers connect to the preferred network for optimal performance. Detect anti-steering of roaming activities and gain market share intelligence.

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Empower eSIM and Multi-Profile SIM Testing include specific test cases such as successful SIM profile swap notifications.

Why CSG for roaming testing?

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Unmatched global test network

Simulate roaming traffic on the world’s largest network, spanning 600 networks in more than 150 countries with 2G/3G/4G/5G and VoLTE support. Local SIM cards work to complement each CSP’s own SIMs.


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Comprehensive set of features for roaming testing

Get full end-to-end testing for all services (voice, SMS, data) with support for GSMA GRQ, IREG, steering of roaming and benchmark testing. Access detailed test results, including network tracing for troubleshooting.

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Alerts and dashboards functionality

Get early visibility of problems and raise alerts for fast resolution with web-based interactive dashboards to allow your team to analyze the data on different levels.

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Cost-effective cloud service

CSG’s dynamic customer-centric team deploys, manages and operates the solution from end to end—saving you time and money.


Enabling features


Complete test execution

Based on GSMA GRQ testing and KPIs, CSG offers the most comprehensive testing in the market covering network registration, voice, VoLTE, IoT, SMS and data services across all networks—from 2G to 5G.


Continuous SLA monitoring

Cost-effective, continuous testing ensures real-time identification and notification of problems. Get live, in-service performance in interactive dashboards and receive alerts in case of problems.

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Interactive dashboards & alerts

View the results of interactive testing and continuous service monitoring. Benefit from detailed analysis of key quality-of-service parameters, such as data (working service, speed, latency), voice (connectivity, MOS, audio delay, CLI) and SMS (delivery, latency, content verification).

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Tracing functionality provides extensive technical information from the network, as well as from test system events. This is a powerful tool for troubleshooting and includes Layer 3 / Radio Resource Control (RRC) signaling trace for messages between the User Equipment and Base Station, Non-Access Stratum (NAS) signaling trace for messages exchanged between the User Equipment and the Core Network and Test System Trace.


Cloud-based service

Let us take care of the hard work—all solution setup, operations and ongoing management will be completed by CSG. You’ll receive access to all dashboards and reports.

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