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Generative AI Promises Conversational CX For Customers and CX Pros

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The Potential of Generative AI For Customer Journey Mapping, Analytics, And Orchestration

Discover how Generative AI is reshaping journey mapping, analytics, and orchestration in Forrester’s latest report. Get hyperpersonalized recommendations, transform orchestrated journeys into conversational experiences, and maximize opportunities while mitigating risks.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how Generative AI connects humans in natural ways to complex journey data.
  • Understand AI’s potential to generate hyperpersonalized recommendations.
  • Discover how to transform orchestrated journeys into conversational experiences.
  • Maximize opportunities while mitigating risks.

Generative AI’s transformative impact on journey mapping, journey analytics, and journey orchestration has only just begun. It promises to connect humans to complex journey data in more natural ways and generate hyperpersonalized recommendations for people and systems working with customers. It has the potential to turn orchestrated journeys into conversational ones at the pace of customer behavior. This report paints a picture of how genAI will change the overall journey management landscape for customers, companies, and vendors. It also explains how to maximize opportunities while steering clear of risks.
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