Streamline Payment Process
The payment process shouldn’t be a pain. We can help you streamline multichannel payments while providing a seamless customer experience.

Payment Manager - Process card and ACH payments with direct integrations to card processors and banks

Annually, CSG processes over 270 million card payments and 95 million ACH payments. We support direct integrations to several card processors and banks.

Seamlessly integrate with existing and new payment processing options. Keep your customers credit, debit and bank account information in one central location—an eWallet—for easy access. Meet customers’ need for multichannel options through web, IVR or customer service agent-entered payments. They can set up a payment schedule that works for them, whether it’s one-time or recurring.

CSG Payment Manager works with major card acquirers to process payments and makes it easy to transition to a new acquirer or originating bank. Process payments directly from debit accounts and reduce chargebacks and ACH returns with verification tools like CVV and check verification. Sounds like a lot to handle? Not for CSG. Our intuitive system delivers all of the transaction information you need from a single dashboard.

CSG Payment Manager - Process Card & ACH


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