Reliable Scalable Settlements Solution
Few markets are as competitive or fast-moving as the wholesale telecom market. With players, policies and partners constantly in flux, you need a reliable, scalable solution to handle every kind of traffic.

Interconnect - Manage wholesale traffic and relationships

When you’re under pressure to increase revenue and reduce costs, manual and makeshift solutions just won’t cut it. Today’s partner ecosystem is simply too diverse and complex.

Take complete operational and financial control of your settlement and partner management with CSG Interconnect. Support any billing and settlement model from voice, data, and SMS/MMS interconnection, to new IP and revenue sharing-based agreements with content providers. Interconnect supports every aspect of billing and settlement, providing everything you need in one interconnect solution.

With Interconnect, you can maximize profitability through prompt, accurate billing and reconciliation of incoming invoices with reliable and accurate data. CSG Interconnect also manages invoicing, taxation, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration, reducing operational costs.

  • Quickly settle for all revenue-generating partner services
  • Increase revenue by managing and settling with content partners for current and emerging services based on IoT, m-payments, TV broadcasting and other digital content
  • Attract partner services with real-time transparency and flexible agreements
  • Avoid lengthy month-end processing with billing summarization during rating
  • Interrogate and resolve billing disputes swiftly using the full weight of your billing data with Dispute and Reconciliation Manager

“Since installing CSG’s solution, the company is securing 35% of its annual revenue through carrier-to-carrier billing. This substantial contribution to our business is helping us achieve the financial backing we need to rollout these services. The solution has also become the backbone to our interconnect issues resolution process.”


WBMS SaaS - Complete and powerful settlements system to handle every kind of mobile traffic

The wholesale market changes rapidly, with new regulations showing up as often as new competitors. Operators need a wholesale solution that adapts as fast as the market does–without dealing with costly upgrades.

Stay ahead of market changes and reduce costs with CSG WBMS SaaS. The solution is a cloud-based, out-of-the-box service offering, bringing together the best of the WBMS Suite. The software always up-to-date and automates your data-driven operations through client interfaces and published APIs. Our expert managed services team can also handle the day-to-day operations, letting you focus on your business requirements.

  • Lower total cost of ownership by consolidating national and international operations
  • Handle every kind of traffic through a centralized, integrated platform
  • Take advantage of plug-and-play functionality to design a solution that works for you
  • Quickly implement a scalable and cost-effective solution
  • Increase productivity with streamlined and automated processes that seamlessly integrate with your other systems
WBMS - Settlements system for every kind of mobile traffic

Route - Boost profitability and control with end-to-end interconnect trading and routing

Today’s wholesale market demands streamlined and automated operations. Disconnected, manual applications can’t keep up with rates and routes that change every hour. Take operational control of traffic trading and routing, along with automated network provisioning of commercial routing orders, from a single integrated system. Improve your supplier negotiations and price-setting with least cost routing, revenue, quality and capacity.

CSG Route’s unique visual approach to quality alerts displays problems in real-time on graphical maps so you can take action and avoid customer complaints. This insight allows you to optimize and automate your wholesale business.

  • Get the best wholesale rates and deliver the best quality of service to customers on every route
  • Act on any billing errors with real-time graphical maps
  • Target routing and network provisioning, trading and product portfolio management
  • Render tariff-setting quick and easy by atomically calculating multiple cost definitions

“CSG’s trading and routing solution provides us with an integrated tool to ensure quality, flexibility and accuracy in managing complex inter-carrier relationships.”

Telia Company

Assure - Ensure quality and detect fraud in international voice and text traffic

Don’t let poor call quality compromise the customer experience–and your profits. Verify quality and detect fraud in your international voice and text traffic, improving customer and inter-carrier revenue. The solution is provided as a managed service, freeing up expect resources in your organization to focus on what matters most.  CSG Assure covers more than 150 countries and over 450 mobile networks around the world.

  • Proactively monitor voice quality with outbound CLI verification, FAS detection, MOS quality and more
  • Automate the proactive monitoring of QoS parameters and traffic scenarios not covered by traditional live traffic analysis
  • Sign up for a cloud-based SaaS model with flexible monthly subscription fees and be up and running within two weeks
  • Let our network operations center take care of 24/7, end-to-end service level monitoring

“CSG Assure is a strategic tool which contributes to our success in delivering uncompromising quality and attracting traffic from quality conscious mobile operators.”

Tata Communications

Exchange - Simplify your partner management

Operators have hundreds or even thousands of active agreements in place with their interconnect partners, each requiring rate sheets, statements and more to be exchanged. Simplify and expedite the exchange process, freeing up skilled resources and minimizing costly partner disputes.

CSG Exchange rigorously control the transfer of partner information without needing to deploy hardware, software or skilled resources. Agreement and rate information is validated upon receipt, with details down to the line level. The service also provides an independent repository for all agreements, which can be used as a formal point of reference during partner disputes.

  • Allocate valuable resources by automating data validations
  • Adhere to established business rules for acceptance and rejection
  • Reduce time to revenue by reducing disputes
  • Act on data within minutes of receipt
Exchange - Simplify partner management


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