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Turn Customer Experience into Your Retention Strategy

New research shows CX-specific solutions benefit the customer,he employee,he business, and the telecommunications industry.

What are Telecommunications leaders saying?

are reporting a negative impact on customer retention as a result of poor CX.said they need help from advisors/consultants who are CX experts.are focusing on improving the omnichannel experience.

Today, 97% of telecommunications CX decision-makers report their organizations have experienced consequences of poor CX. Across the board, organizations struggle to keep customers engaged, and one 1 in 3 are experiencing diminishing returns on their existing customer relationships. 

CSG commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey 484 global decision-makers in CX, operations and marketing roles to explore how an enterprise wide CX strategy enables companies to be more customer-obsessed and improves customer and employee experiences while driving better business results.

In this study, you will learn: 

  • Top challenges telecommunications organizations experience when delivering CX and trying to improve retention  

  • Where leaders are investing their CX budgets today and in the future to keep up with the competitive market   
  • How customer engagement solutions are achieving CX goals and benefit customers and employees  
  • Actionable recommendations to provide consistent, proactive and personalized experiences that improve customer and employee retention  

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