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Digital Self-Service

Allow Customers to Answer Questions and Pay Bills on Their Own

CSG solutions include digital self-service tools that improve customer experience and save money.

Customer service interactions often waste customers’ and employees’ime.

When customers have problems, questions or bills to pay,hey want immediate solutions. They don’t want to wait for a customer service representative to help them—or to stand in line to pay a bill in person.

Employees spend too much time answering basic billing and other questions.

Digital self-service options give customers the resources they need—when they need them.

Digital self-service allows customers to independently resolve issues or answer questions without assistance from a live agent. Digital self-service can take multiple forms, including:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payment systems
  • Self-service payment portals
  • Bill explanation tools
  • FAQ pages
  • Chatbots
  • Customer support portals
  • User forums

Why offer digital self-service?

Many customers expect and prefer self-service options. According to the 2022 State of Customer Service report, 59% of survey respondents prefer self-service tools for simple questions/issues. Additionally, customer loyalty to telecom providers is down 22% due to poor customer experience (CX).

Digital self-service improves CX

Customers want to solve problems quickly and move on with their days. Self-service options provide:

  • Faster results: With a few clicks, customers can find the answers to their questions, resolve their problems and continue their days.
  • Convenience: Self-service payments are easier than paying in person or mailing a check. Customers can visit the self-service payment portal and schedule payment at any time, wherever they are.
  • Call-free experiences: Calling customer service typically means waiting on hold and/or navigating a voice menu. Many customers prefer to skip the call and engage with a chatbot or FAQ page instead.
  • Save money: FAQ pages, chatbots and bill explainer tools reduce contact center calls, saving money.
  • Increase on-time payments: Providing convenient self-service payment options makes it easier for customers to pay on time, increasing revenue and reducing collections-related expenses.

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