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Push Notifications

Become a Digital Leader With Contextually Relevant Notifications

Push notifications are short pop-up messages that appear on mobile home screens, even when an app isn’t currently in use. But it’s not enough to simply notify customers—communication in the digital age must be proactive, contextual and individualized.

What are some push notifications use cases?

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Late Payment Notification
  • Service Updates
  • Fraud Notifications
  • Customer Care
  • Workflow Alerts
  • Cross-sell/ Upsell Opportunities
  • Problem Alerts
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Where can traditional push notifications fall short?

Today’s notifications are often not timely nor personalized, and they’re often delivered to the wrong audience. An intelligent approach to notifications is required to deliver consistent, next-generation communications to build trust with your customers and create easier experiences.

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You need push notifications that are orchestrated in real time

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Increase visibility

Push notifications can be shared even when customers aren’t interacting with your app. Ensure important messages are seen immediately leveraging this capability.


Increase on-time payments

Payment reminders encourage customers to pay right away, especially when the push notification includes a link to your payment portal.


Reduce contact center calls

Push notifications inform customers about the status of  internet/utility outages or technician appointments, preventing customers from calling your contact center for updates.


Improve patient adherence

Push notifications remind patients to attend medical appointments, refill or pick up their prescriptions or schedule appointments. Fewer no-shows mean better patient outcomes and experiences.

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Boost engagement

A call to action is powerful in many contexts, including push notifications. Whether they’re highlighting new products worth exploring or reminding customers to pay their bill, push notifications encourage more interaction with your app and brand.

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Improve retention

Keeping your audience engaged is essential for retention. Push alerts remind customers to come back to your brand. When a user hasn’t visited your app or site in some time, a push notification can reel them back in with new promotions or app features.


Drive conversion

Push notifications become even more effective when you create campaigns around in-app rewards, discounts or promotions. Showcase a deal your users can’t pass up, and watch your sales increase.

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Scale with your audience

With the right push notification technology, you can easily scale your communication efforts as your audience grows. You can have 1,000 users or 100,000—your push notifications will have an impact.

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Create a connected customer experience

Build an omnichannel experience by connecting your customers to your app. Push notifications allow users to seamlessly move from one platform to the next, simplifying purchases and other transactions (such as paying bills or confirming appointments).

Proven results in as few as 30 days


responsiveness to SMS notifications after implementation


reduction in number of fraud cases


incremental revenue lift in 6 months from prescription refills

Supercharge the customer experience

CSG is an expert in omnichannel communication. With our customer experience platform, CSG Xponent, your business can leverage the power of push notifications. Connecting with your audience, improving customer experience and boosting revenue are within reach. Contact us nowo get started.

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