CSG Exchange

Operators have hundreds or even thousands of active agreements in place with their interconnect partners. Simplify and expedite the exchange process with CSG Exchange.

Automated Contractual Agreement Transfer

Fierce competition in telecom has created an industry where automation and efficiency are becoming vital to survival. Information exchange must be efficient, to combat constant rate sheet adjustments and invoice disputes. It is vital that each change to agreed data is formally recorded and accepted to minimize contractual disputes—time-consuming work if conducted manually.

CSG Exchange controls the transfer of partner information without needing to deploy hardware, software or skilled resources. Agreement and rate information is validated upon receipt, with details down to the line level. The service also provides an independent repository for all agreements, which can be used as a formal point of reference during partner disputes.

Automate the Exchange Process

CSG Exchange is a core component of CSG Digital Wholesale. The service automates and formalizes the management and processing of updated contractual information that an operator receives from its partners. Automatically load relevant data into billing and routing systems, and securely upload data from a private, web-based email account drop box.

Refile Agreements

The Refile Agreement service automates the receipt and processing of refile rate sheets with partners. Rate sheets can be received and parsed in multiple formats, including sheets for Refile, Hubbing, Direct In/Out, and Transit In/Out.

Bilateral Agreements

The Bilateral Agreement service automates the receipt and processing of bilateral agreement annex sheets with partners. These sheets will be received in specific formats compliant with GBET standards.

Invoices and Statements

The Invoice and Statement service handles the receipt and processing of invoice and statement information from partners. The service supports the capture of data from documents in different formats, including PDF and scanned images.



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