CSG Field Service Management

CSG offers dynamic field service management solutions that enable flexibility and effectiveness at every possible touchpoint.

Managing Now in a Digital World

In daily work and life, we are more connected than ever before. In the field, you need to keep your customers connected to their service journey as it evolves based on changing conditions on the day of service. Delighting customers requires communication all the way through the service journey—from the initial order to the day of service and beyond.

Choreographing your field service operations in this dynamic digital world is critical to delivering a differentiated customer experience. CSG Field Service Management provides field service management and automation tools that optimize your technicians’ productivity and respect your customers’ availability. This fully-integrated workforce solution, currently deployed with over 75,000 field technicians across North and South America, turns every aspect of your field delivery, installation and service operations into a competitive advantage.

The Future of Field Service

CSG Field Service Management supports more than 75,000 field service users everyday. It is the engine that processes more than 100 million work orders every year for some of the world’s largest communications service providers. CSG Field Service Management works in concert with any billing and order management system, and its robust set of APIs keeps information flowing from your back office into CSG Field Service Management and back again, ensuring that all data is current and updated based on changing conditions.

Real-Time Traffic

CSG Field Service Management integrates real-time traffic capabilities into its industry-leading platform. Real-time traffic functionality triggers alerts based on traffic events in the area, allowing technicians to determine an alternative path, or the ability to re-assign the technician to another job that reduces drive time.

Optimized Scheduling

Automated job assignment tools incorporate patented routing algorithms to enable service providers to achieve over 98 percent on-time arrivals,within 1- to 2-hour appointment windows. Reduce dispatcher calls by 50 percent so they can focus on solving higher-priority issues.

Consultative Approach

We’ve got the experience, infrastructure and skills to make your journey into CSG Field Service Management seamless and easy. We take a hands-on approach to your success, with dedicated resources to help you succeed every step of the way, from integration to implementation and beyond.

CSG Customer Success


Telecom Argentina knew that customer experience was the key to differentiation. They turned to CSG’s Field Service Management solution to help them fulfill their promises to customers.



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