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Unlock the Potential of Campaign Management Systems

Managing a marketing campaign involves planning and execution,hen monitoring the results of your efforts. A successful campaign aligns many objectives to achieve a single goal, which requires careful organization.

A content management system (CMS) is a valuable resource marketers use to support their campaign alignment goals. However, a CMS will perform better when coupled with a system that can orchestrate the customer journey; when used in isolation, a CMS’s capability to enhance the overall customer experience (CX) is limited.

What is a CMS?

Campaign management system software is designed to help business leaders strategize, implement and monitor the impact of multichannel marketing initiatives. Typically, a CMS encompasses features for crafting and dispatching email campaigns, overseeing social media content and tracking website visitor data.

With a CMS, emails can be distributed to large and segmented audiences, often categorized by various demographics. For example, a bank may send recent college graduates an email encouraging them to refinance student loans to save money on interest rates.


Benefits of Connecting a CJM System to Your CMS

The limitations of campaign management systems


Focuses on the sale, not what comes after

A CMS doesn’t consider the many customer journeys that occur during the customer lifecycle—and their impact on CX.


Doesn’t use individual customer data for personalized experiences

Campaign management systems don’t leverage a real-time customer data profileo address individual customers’ needs or preferences.

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Needs a decisioning engine

A CMS isn’t equipped to detect context and intent, predict customer needs or determine the right communications to send customers who are on individualized journeys (e.g., during customer support and purchase inquiries).

CMSs reach a broad audience
but create limited CX impact when used alone

Campaign funnels help simplify and standardize processes, but real customer journeys are complex and nonlinear. Customers take unique pathways with overlapping steps between gaining product awareness and making a purchase.

CX improvement takes more than campaign management

Benefits of connecting a CJM system to your CMS

Businesses use a CMS to send marketing emails as well as track open, click-through and conversion rates. As customers advance in their individual journeys, a journey orchestration platform utilizes real-time data from the campaign management system along with additional contextual information to make informed choices regarding the most suitable action or message for individual customers.

Pairing a CJM with a CMS:

  • Enhances targeting by better understanding the customer journey.
  • Increases personalization through every stage of the CX lifecycle.
  • Improves measurement to drive optimization.
  • Acts as a decisioning engine to predict customer intent and drive real-time communications.
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  • CSG is a trusted partner of ours and their expertise and commitment to our success enabled us to go live on time. 

    Asanga Gunatillaka, Commercial Director of Consumer and Direct Business, TalkTalk

Take your CX beyond campaign management

CSG Xponent isn’t just another platform to add to your tech stack. It connects the customer engagement solutions you have—then makes them work better,ogether. CSG Xponent combines journey analytics, a customer data platform, native channel applications and experience design to enhance both CX and the employee experience.

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