Healthcare Services

Simplify the healthcare ecosystem for your patients and customers. Whether you’re a provider, payer or device manufacturer, we'll help you provide the information your patients and customers need.


Your patients want to live the healthiest, most fulfilling lives possible. When they’re healthy, they want to stay healthy. When they’re sick, they want to get better—and fast. And they need your help to do it.

At CSG, we help healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes with timely, targeted healthcare communications. Spend less time sending routine reminders and more time delivering quality care to your patients.

We’re a trusted partner to leading providers and payers, as well as technology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We help these leaders deploy personalized customer communications and an integrated omnichannel approach to all of their clients and patients.

Healthcare Solution Overview

Better Engagement, Better Outcomes

Digital age healthcare works like a matrix, linking interactions with primary care doctors, specialists, pharmacies, health plans and other parties—sometimes simultaneously. Today more than ever, patients and providers expect the same high-tech, high-touch experiences that other industries deliver to them daily.

Patient Communications

Better communication means better engagement. Whether you need to remind patients about appointments, increase medication adherence, or improve collections, we have solutions. From automated text or voice reminders to printing patient statements and invoices, we have every channel covered.

Patient Journeys

Today’s healthcare consumer expects you to meet them where they are. That means understanding your customer and delivering the right message on the right channel at the right time. Journey mapping and journey orchestration create seamless communication across all channels, delivering simple, frictionless handoffs.

Automated Interactions

Clinical staff are overwhelmed, and hospital call centers often struggle to keep up with patient requests—all while working to improve engagement and community outreach. Conversational AI applications as well as natural language processing IVRs can boost call containment and create better patient experiences.


Healthcare Notifications

Improving patient health outcomes is your number one priority. Help your patients stay healthy with timely appointment and prescription reminders from CSG.

Customer Journeys

A great customer experience isn’t based on just one experience. It’s the sum of every interaction a customer has with your company. Each interaction has to be designed and delivered on the right channel, at the right time, to engage customers for a lifetime. That’s where CSG can help.


Today’s patients expect more payment options than just cash or credit. With CSG and Forte, a CSG company, you can enable them to pay you whenever, wherever and however they want.


How do you create seamless experiences that keep patients engaged? Let our experts show you. With a proven, holistic approach, the CSG Experiences Practice helps organizations craft and execute superior journeys.

Print and Mail Solutions

With the world’s communications going digital, a well-crafted print message can stand out. CSG helps companies like yours design and deliver compelling printed documents.



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