CSG Assure

Don’t let poor call quality compromise the customer experience—and your profits. Verify quality and detect fraud in your international voice and text traffic with CSG Assure.

Guarantee Call Quality

The majority of operators today continue to test their end-to-end quality inefficiently, based on the old approach of passive monitoring and reactive manual testing in response to an issue. While this approach has been acceptable in the past, evolving customer requirements make the user experience more critical for customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.

Proactively monitor quality, all the way from your network to the end subscriber, with CSG Assure. CSG Assure helps carriers protect and secure margin through guaranteed CLI delivery and other key quality features. CSG Assure also serves SMS aggregators in need of timely and correct delivery of SMS, and mobile operators who need to provide a flawless user experience for their customers traveling abroad. Let our network operations center take care of 24/7, end-to-end service level monitoring.

Differentiate on Quality

CSG Assure is the market-leading quality testing solution, used by over 150 mobile operators and carriers worldwide. It helps operators demonstrate and prove their call quality, attracting other operators and carriers to use their networks. The service is powered by the Assure Global Test Network, a proprietary test network which covers more than 450 mobile networks.

Monitor Voice Quality

Proactively monitor voice quality with outbound CLI verification, FAS detection, MOS quality and more.

Automate Monitoring

Automate the proactive monitoring of QoS parameters and traffic scenarios not covered by traditional live traffic analysis.

Deploy On Your Terms

Sign up for a cloud-based SaaS model with flexible monthly subscription fees and be up and running within two weeks.

CSG Assure Portfolio

Calling Line Identification

If your subscribers can see who is calling, they are more likely to answer, making you money. But if they can’t see who is on the other line, they may ignore the call, collectively costing you millions.

False Answer Supervision

False charges—even when not your fault—can cost you millions, leading to customer churn and damaging your reputation. To solve this problem and preserve your customer relationships, you need to put an end to False Answer Supervision. You need Assure.

SMS Testing

Whether you are an SMS aggregator or a carrier, a mobile operator or an enterprise, CSG Assure verifies true end-to-end text message delivery.

Roaming Testing

Roamers want constant connectivity, and to receive the same quality of service abroad as they do at home. Protect your important roaming revenues with CSG Assure.

SIM Box/Illegal Bypass Detection

Illegal bypass termination (SIM box termination) is one of the biggest interconnect fraud issues. Stop losing revenue to SIM boxes and start blocking more calls with CSG Illegal Bypass Detection.

Voice Quality Testing

When your subscribers place calls to friends, family or colleagues, they want it to sound like they’re in the same room—clear, crisp and static-free. If they are plagued by bad voice quality, the conversation will be cut short. And so will your profits.

Contact Center Testing

If customers have a bad experience contacting your company, it can negatively impact your brand—and your revenues. Ensure the best experiences when customers contact your contact center with CSG Assure.



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