Assure Contact Center Testing

Are you providing the best voice and IVR quality at your contact centers? Ensure quality with end-to-end contact center testing from CSG Assure.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Over 75 percent of customers who contact customer service do so over the phone. But if they have a poor experience, it can negatively impact customer satisfaction and potentially cause customer churn.  

Ensure quality calls with CSG Assure Contact Center Testing, allowing you to test call quality from anywhere in the world to any destination. With CSG Assure, you can proactively identify any issues with your inbound and outbound connectivity and ensure error-free IVR navigation. 

The CSG Assure Contact Center Testing solution is provided in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, freeing up expert resources in your organization and avoiding costly updates. The solution is provided through a user-friendly and powerful interactive dashboard. 


Our end-to-end contact center testing solution includes IVR navigation and inbound and outbound connectivity. Tests are run over CSG’s market-leading global test network of 600+ nodes in 150 countries.

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Local Customer Simulation

Simulate customers calling from different countries and networks.

Contact Center Access Testing

Test connectivity and call quality experience for both platform and agent interactions.

IVR Navigation Testing

Validate customer navigation through IVR menu structures.

Testing as a Service

Benefit from continuous test execution and monitoring of results as a service.

Active Test Results

Generate alerts in case of issues, and route alerts to the right team for swift action and resolution.

Robust Dashboards & Reporting

Drill down on interactive dashboards to spot trends and understand performance.



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Ensure customer satisfaction is at the frontline of customer communication.

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