CSG Assure Roaming Testing

Roamers want constant connectivity, and to receive the same quality of service abroad as they do at home. Protect your important roaming revenues with CSG Assure.

Increase Roaming Usage With Quality Assurance

There is nothing more frustrating than being an international traveler and encountering roaming issues. These issues aren’t just limited to data, but also to basic SMS and voice services. Protect important roaming revenues and ensure great customer experiences with CSG Assure.

Mobile operators use Assure Roaming Testing to verify call quality, SMS delivery and data performance. Ensure inbound and outbound roamers receive the expected service quality. The solution is provided in a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model, freeing up expert resources in your organization and avoiding costly updates. The intuitive GUI makes fast work of even the most complex testing scenarios. All tests can be performed by the operators in an interactive (real-time) or scheduled (automated recurring) manner.

Roaming Testing

CSG Assure is a managed test facility that lets you verify service quality and detect fraud in your roaming traffic. CSG Assure is the leading solution on the market for active carrier testing, used by many of the world’s largest carriers and operators. The unparalleled testing expertise of CSG, combined with extremely user-friendly software and an attractive pricing model, make CSG Assure the most sought-after roaming testing platform available.

Testing as a Service

Our SaaS solution provides a managed test facility that lets you verify service quality and detect fraud in your roaming traffic. The solution is provided in a true managed service model, reducing your costs and freeing up expert resources in your organization.

Test Any Scenario

CSG Assure tests the true outbound roamer experience by verifying fundamental services such as voice, SMS, data, and the ability to register in the network. Test scenarios include making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS, and verifying data connections.

Take an Active Approach

CSG Assure Roaming Testing takes an active testing approach using remote mobile probes located around the world. Customers utilize these probes to initiate active roaming test calls through an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).



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