Don't leave customers hanging when they call your company for help. Connect them to the automated solution or agent support they need with CSG's voice solutions.

Answer the Call

Customers call their family. They call their friends. But most importantly for you, they call your business when they have a problem or purchase they need help with. When you’ve got a lot of incoming/outgoing callsand not enough agents to manage them at scaleyou need a solution that can handle the complexity.

We’ve built our inbound and outbound enterprise-grade voice communication networks to support service and sales use cases, at scale. Our speech-enabled voice solutions allow customers to quickly navigate menus, confirm customer identity, ask about order status, and more. And we use the latest technologies and capabilities (Natural Language Processing, voice biometrics, and Amazon Alexa skills) so you can deliver the most secure, seamless experiences that keep customers talking.

Communication at Scale

CSG’s voice solutions are available as simple inbound applications for cost-effective self-service, or as more comprehensive interactive voice applications. Customize applications with integrated text-to-speech and speech recognition capabilities. Build your own applications with our platform-as-a-service, or let our experienced team build it for you. We integrate with the channels you and your customers use every day (SMS, email, chat, etc.), making silos a thing of the past. Plus, we offer data solutions to validate a number associated with an end user, so every call you make respects data privacy.

Voice for Customer Care

Use our inbound IVR solution to quickly resolve customer questions through self-service, or route them to the best agent. We also offer outbound voice notification solutions for order confirmation, CSAT surveys, disclosure messages, and more.

Voice for Commerce

Let customers do business with you using just their voice. CSG’s virtual assistant solutions let customers use their voice to order products or check on order status. Even betterthey can speak normally without navigating a menu, since our solution uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand their intent.

Voice at Scale

Use our drag-and-drop interface to design inbound and outbound speech and touchtone applications, or let our team of experts build it for you. Repurpose frequently used call flow logic so you don’t have to start from scratch each time. We offer automated disclosure to make sure mandated content is delivered accurately 100 percent of the time.


Interactive Voice Response

Put the voice of the customer back into Interactive Voice Response. Connect customers with the resolution they want by letting them say what they wantand do it all with CSG.

Virtual Assistant

When consumers want to order something or have a product question, they can go online or go to a store. Or, they can just say what they want. Let customers use their voice for support, sales and more with CSG’s virtual assistant solutions.


Interactive Messaging

What defines good customer experience changes as frequently as the communication channels customers use. CSG can help you balance the demands of different customers in a way that’s scalable, affordable and effective.

Conversational AI

Deploy Conversational AI (artificial intelligence) so your customers can communicate naturally with applications, websites and devices across channels.



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