CSG customer experience solutions for retail  

Capture consumer attention anywhere

Win the battle for consumer attention and decision. Drive brand loyalty with personalized and relevant experiences from research and cart checkout to curbside pickup and real-time targeted offers. 

Win a customer, not a sale

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Engage customers in-store and online

Reach customers on the channels they use every day, like text, email, web and more. Then, follow up on customers’ most engaged channels to make sure every message you send is seen.

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Deliver personalized experiences anywhere

Keep customers coming back for more with real-time recommendations based on individual and segment behavior. Plus, reward customers for their loyalty with personalized offers.

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Launch new products based on customer insight

Track trends in segment spending habits and behavior to find your next big product opportunity. Then, create customer journeys that increase sales of the newest products in your portfolio.

Start improving retail customer journeys today  

Don’t have thte time to map out every customer journey from scratch? The CSG Exponent Ignite journey library comes with dozens of templates designed with best practices in mind, so you can roll out proven journeys from Day1. Where you take them next, is up to you.

Start the journey
Start improving retail customer journeys today  

Orchestrate lifelong relationships

A global retailer individually engaged customers with dynamic online journeys lasting 1 day to over 3 years and converting 30,000+ visitors in the first 8 weeks.


Execute smart(er) communication

A major U.S. grocery store chain realized an additional $2-3 million monthly revenue while simultaneously reducing outbound email volume by 40%.


Drive onboarding engagement

A CPG brand created a unique onboarding experience to the Japanese market, sending over 1 billion contextually relevant communications, 31 million cart abandonment follow-ups and registering 1.5 million devices.

Spend minutes, not hours, on customer engagement

Create and automate journeys for any line of business to get the right message to the right customer at the right time

  • Create your own customer journeys or draw from a pre-built library of retail journeys (browse for products and services, create and add products to a wish list, pick up purchased products, etc.)  
  • Identify friction points like subscription abandonment  
  • Correlate key journey behaviors to critical KPIs like Return on Ad Spend and Digital Containment Rate
  • Ingest and orchestrate data from any source and integrate with engagement channels like email, text, and more
  • Build more complex and personalized journeys as your maturity increases with CSG’s expert team  

Understand every customer's preferences

Use the insights hidden in your data to personalize experiences. Increase revenue by understanding and anticipating what customers will buy next – before they even know it

  • Drill down into various customer segments or individual profiles to get a complete and unified view of customer behavior
  • Actively segment customers with every behavior and interaction they make
  • Maximize every moment by triggering real-time follow-up actions based on preferences and behavior

Help customers buy what they want faster

Help customers move through their journeys with real-time experiences. Integrate systems and channels to connect on customers’ preferred channel to drive action, while also equipping employees with tools and information to streamline processes.

  • Offer your full portfolio of products and services to the customers most likely to buy, based on their preferences and browsing history
  • Customize online experiences for returning web visitors to increase engagement
  • Trigger best-next actions in real time (e.g., a coupon send after a purchase)
  • Identify points of friction and opportunity streamline desired business outcomes

Omnichannel experiences at every stage


Customer acquisition

Target and retarget site visitors with relevant context and offers based on browsing behaviors to increase conversion


Customer onboarding

Make onboarding seamless with message sequences, and adjust future communications based on engagement channel and journey progress


Pick up purchased products

Manage customers’ pick-up experience and enable them to reschedule or change to home delivery


Receive targeted offers

Send personalized offers to customers are the right time through their channel of choice

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Customer service

Use conversational AI to answer routine questions so agents can focus on complex issues. Handle hundreds of thousands of calls per hour with a scalable IVR.


Customer retention

Analyze customer behavior across all their interactions to-date, then make decisions and offers that reduce friction and increase customer lifetime value

Proven track record

Leader, SPARK Matrix™: Customer Data Platform (CDP), 2022
Leader, Forrester WaveTM: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2020, Q2 2022
Forrester Wave™: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2020
Marketing Digital Innovation Award, Ventana Research, 2022

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