CSG CallCanvas Express

Voice is one of the most common channels customers use to contact you—which is why you need to be able to handle calls at scale. Design inbound and outbound call flows with CallCanvas Express.

Build Better IVR Experiences

To succeed in today’s digital world, businesses need to keep up with rapidly changing customer demands. Marketers and customer service leads don’t want to wait to improve customer acceptance rates—but this can be difficult within the constraints of existing IT infrastructure and resources.

CSG CallCanvas Express is a flexible platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that lets you manage virtually every aspect of your inbound and outbound call flows easily and efficiently. CSG provides a consolidated interaction management system that is both technically versatile and easy to use. Deploy changes without waiting for maintenance windows, saving time and money. Programmers can control their applications and make changes such as updated call transfer hours or changing or adding a new prompt—all in real-time and on the fly with CallCanvas Express.


CallCanvas Express is fully integrated into CSG Interactive Messaging, enabling you to take full advantage of CSG’s robust interactive voice response (IVR), SMS platforms and telephony infrastructure. Use our online or onsite training options to quickly learn the solution and put your skills into action.

Flexible Design

Design inbound and outbound speech and touchtone applications via a drag-and-drop visual interface. Build your own call flows with user-friendly configurable components and scripting capabilities.

Real-Time Changes

CallCanvas Express gives users the flexibility to deploy changes without waiting for maintenance windows, saving time and money. Let programmers control their applications and make changes such as updated call transfer hours or adding a new prompt—all in real time.

Robust Reporting

After you make changes in CallCanvas Express, stakeholders can view the results via the CSG reporting portal, available through a secure interface, and determine how the modified call flow is performing. Don’t like what you see? No problem. Just access the call flow through the dashboard, update it and reactivate.



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