CSG Inbound Communication

Optimize contact center operations and increase customer self-service with CSG Inbound Communication solutions.

Decrease Costs and Time to Resolution

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses, especially those handling complex inbound traffic, is ensuring that customers are connected to the correct agent pool or self-service IVR. Disconnects, transfers and long hold times drive up costs while driving down customer satisfaction—costly errors that undermine the bottom line.

CSG Inbound Communication solutions supplement your existing CRM package. Deploy our cloud-based, multichannel communication platform, integrating inbound/outbound interactive voice, SMS/text messaging, email, print, and web in a common environment. Make application architectures and data stores universally available across all communication channels.

A Better IVR Experience

The IVR application accepts both voice and key press prompts as end customer responses (except with credit card numbers, which should be entered via key press for security reasons). Our platform analyzes the call based on inbound toll-free origination, end customer ANI, point-of-purchase and end customer inputs in order to assign the call. Route calls to either a customer self-service application or on to the appropriate call center agent, based on a skills matrix reflecting your fulfillment requirements.

Provide Better CX

Reduce the number of misrouted calls and shorten call duration, enhancing the customer experience and letting agents focus on higher-priority calls. Speech technology streamlines call flows, raising customer satisfaction.

Optimize Operations

Optimize contact center performance by routing calls to self-service where possible, and ensure the correct agent pool receives calls requiring additional assistance. Intuitive web-based tools let users quickly and easily edit program features.

Improve Agent Experience

Efficiently transfer to agents with our Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) screen pop or our cost-effective “whisper greet” feature, optimizing agent time. Let agents access comprehensive, real-time information within the application.



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