Build, scale and modernize your contact center capabilities in the cloud, and deliver the intelligent, intuitive experiences customers won’t stop talking about.


Contact centers have transformed to handle more than voice calls. But have the additional channels actually improved experiences for customers or agents?

For too many contact centers, managing voice, SMS, email and other communications presents new obstacles in delivering superior customer experiences. Customer data gets trapped in silos. Communication derails when customers switch channels. And on top of that, customer experiences become inconsistent.

Cloud migration can address these problems. But contact centers must still manage costs on existing operations, making a costly lift-and-shift approach unfeasible. CSG can help you modernize your contact center to be the fine-tuned engine of your CX leveraging the assets you already have.


Our IVR solutions handle more than 440 million calls each year, and our conversational AI platforms help enable true self-service in over 35 languages. Plus, you can provide great service over the phone or at a distance with our Visual Connect platform, removing the need for a technician to be dispatched in many cases.


Empower your customers to engage with your business however they want, whenever they want for higher CSAT. Offer them the traditional and digital channels to reach you conveniently, easily and immediately.


Get more out of your contact center environment—right now. Our cloud-based solutions integrate with your existing systems to automate communications and optimize processes. Boost call containment and other KPIs while reducing your costs.


Gather and present vital account information for your agents, reducing average handle time (AHT). Intelligent IVR routing gets customers to the right experts. Virtual visual support lets agents see what your customers see so they can easily diagnose and help the customer correct their issue.



Let your customers communicate naturally with applications, websites and devices across channels. Resolve your customers’ complex needs through personalized interactions, reducing call volumes and AHT.


Why send a field service technician when your contact center agents can troubleshoot your customers’ issues remotely? Extend the capabilities of your agents, letting them see what your customers see and remotely troubleshoot.


Engage customers with the right message on the right channel, at any point in the customer lifecycle. Interactive Messaging employs advanced speech recognition, CTI call center integration, agent transfer and call recording/replay/transcription.


Break down the silos where your contact center connects to customer data, and orchestrate conversations that are consistent and relevant to the customer’s journey.



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