Direct Mail and Statement Marketing

Want to get more bang for your marketing buck? Add marketing messages to bills and statements. With a near-perfect read rate, these documents are a great vehicle for targeted promotions and offers.

Make Your Marketing More Effective

Every company wants to boost revenue and market to the right audience. They just need the right solution to do it. Acquire, convert, develop and retain customers with CSG’s print marketing services. We produce creative and impactful direct mail pieces that get customers’ attention and keep it, including full-color postcards, newsletters, sales letters, and brochures.

Our statement marketing and insert ads services are economical, hassle-free options that put your message or advertisers’ messages in front of targeted prospects. Make this must-read medium even more engaging with professionally designed color images and graphics.

Manage All Your Print Marketing

With CSG’s print marketing solutions, you can upsell and cross-sell your products with promotions printed directly on monthly statements. Create your own promotions, or earn additional revenue by selling white space on your statements to third parties.

Create Messages That Convert

Place information in the same spot on each statement so customers know where to look for the latest offers or announcements. Add full-color graphics to your statements to catch customers’ attentionand keep it.

Reach the Right Audience

Want to target different offers to different audiences? No problem. Our drop-down design tool lets you pick which customer groups receive your messages. Send messages to your entire client base or to specific types of customers, grouped by payment status, zip code, or other criteria.

Look Beyond the Bill

Think outside the envelope—literally. Add messages on custom envelopes, inserts and ad pages to get your message in front of more people. They’ll see your offer right when they pick up their bill.


CSG Output Solutions

Building relationships with your customers takes many forms—and it often takes the form of communications like bills and statements. The ability to craft, customize and streamline the distribution of these communications allows you to better foster positive customer relationships well into the future.



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