Video for Customer Communications

Sometimes, it's easier to show customers information than it is to tell them. Help your customers to understand account and billing information with personalized videos.

A (Moving) Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

When customers don’t understand charges on their bill, they call your contact center. While you’re happy to help them over the phone, what if you could automatically answer common account and billing questions with personalized responses for each customer?

From purchase, install, onboarding and beyond, we can help you design videos for any stage in the customer lifecycle. Use real-time, customized videos to divert customers calls, promote paperless adoption and increase customer satisfaction. We use customer data to personalize each video as soon as customers click the link to watch it. Customers get an explanation of account charges, changes and payment information that’s just for them.

Show Instead of Tell

CSG’s video communication solution provides customers with real-time updates on their account through a compelling and informative medium. Reduce billing-related calls and provide a better customer experience. Providing a snapshot of the actual bill gives customers a better understanding of their charges, taxes and fees. And proactively contact customers with account updates and new offers.

Add a Personal Touch

Create personalized videos for customers in real time. We send account information to our video communication solution, so each video has the latest information to answer customer questions. And because each video is generated automatically, you don’t have to spend time creating a brand new one for each customer.

Show Off Your Latest Offers

Videos aren’t just good for conveying account information. They’re also a great place to include brand messaging and advertising. Include calls to action to upgrade to the latest services, or encourage customers to go paperless. You’ve got their undivided attentionmake the most of it.

Increase Customer Satisfaction at Every Stage

Whether they’re a new customer or an existing customer, use video to make account information as accessible as possible and proactively answer any question they have. Streamline onboarding with tips on how to use a new service, how to pay their first bill, and more.


CSG SmartVideo

Making a good impression on customers has never been more critical than in today’s competitive communications marketplace. Use real-time, personalized videos to explain common account information to new and existing customers, and make your brand stand out.



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