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Customer Journey Analytics

Drive Business Growth With Actionable Customer Journey Insights

Customers engage with brands during multiple journeys, and they expect brands to be aware of and sensitive to each action in each journey. That’s why brands must be able to track and guide customer interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Journey analytics helps your team understand and guide customer behavior in ways that are relevant to each customer. Journey analytics also identifies areas of customer experience (CX)hat need improvement and areas of high impact.

What is customer journey analytics?

Customer journey analytics is the practice of tracking and measuring every interaction a customer has with a brand, across every channel,o better understand:

  • Customer needs, desires and expectations
  • Which efforts drive or limit revenue
  • Actionable insights to improve the customer journey and CX


Tese insights can help you organize information about your customers and provide a framework for better understanding it. Customer journey analytics does this by combining individual channel analytics (website, email, call center, etc.) and customer intent.

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How does journey analytics work?

Journey analytics tools continually track the paths and steps customers are following as they interact with your organization, giving insight into why customers are doing what they’re doing. The reporting provides a visual representation of all customer journey steps. CSG’s journey analytics system assigns each step a value, allowing you to see at a glance if journeys are leading to a desired outcome.

Journey analytics also addresses questions such as:

  1. What were the most popular first and last steps (e.g., brand discovery or churn)?
  2. What were the most commonly used channels (e.g., email or SMS)?
  3. How are journeys performing against goals and key performance indicators (e.g., conversion rates)?
  4. What is the overlap between journeys?
  5. How many times has this journey been executed?
CSG Xponent customer data platform

Journey analytics key metrics

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Customer intent indicators

1. Intent to purchase, cancel, etc.
2. Observed product preferences
3. Switched channels
4. Journey completion


Key marketing indicators

1. Page loading times
2. Page views
3. Email open rates
4. Clickthrough rate

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Key service indicators

1. First-call resolutions
2. Sessions
3. Dropped calls
4. Errors
5. Customer satisfaction

Xponent journey analytics can help

CSG Xponent customer journey management (CJM) software can answer the most pressing questions about customers.

You’ll be able to monitor and manage journey activity in real time. This facilitates your ability to adjust journey steps at the point where customers are stalling. You’ll also be able to eliminate potential overlaps in real time to meet customer needs and enhance business objectives. For example, if a customer is complaining about receiving a faulty product in the mail,hat customer shouldn’t be emailed about an upcoming sale.

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