Operating a Mobile Virtual Network
In today’s landscape, services are either on-the-go or they’re already gone. This makes operating a mobile virtual network a task with its own hyper-specific set of implementation and management challenges. CSG has whatever it takes to meet those challenges head on.

Keep pace with competitors and provide a consistent and flawless experience across every touch point while quickly launching services to keep consumers engaged and loyal

We know MVNOs must be able to manage high-volume voice and data traffic while putting new monetization strategies like IoT into place. Let CSG manage your systems so you can place marketing, branding and the consumer experience at the forefront of your business strategy.

With CSG, you can evolve and expand service offerings, manage high-volume voice and data traffic while putting new monetization strategies, to grow your subscriber base without limits.

Our solutions allow you to easily and effectively manage traditional offerings alongside new digital services while dramatically reducing costs, and supporting retail processes and wholesale settlements.

“Our customer-centered focus is shared by CSG and together we will revolutionize our customer experience across multiple customer care channels” – Wind Mobile

CSG’s solutions are proven in deployments around the globe supporting the world’s most innovative wireless brands, including Virgin Mobile, 3 and Best Buy Connect.

“Singleview Customer Management has contributed to customer satisfaction, 100% no doubt.” – Virgin Mobile Australia

Check out our solutions for MVNO:

  • Ascendon – SaaS, cloud-based platform that enables a spectrum of digital services to capture consumer mindshare and brand loyalty
  • Singleview – Real-time charging, billing and customer care solution for convergent markets
  • Total Service Mediation (TSM) – Mediation solution enabling operators to achieve maximum efficiency with the lowest cost for all interactions