CSG Interactive Messaging

What defines good customer experience changes as frequently as the communication channels customers use. Balance customer communication preferences in a way that's scalable and effective with CSG.

Connect With Subscribers Anytime, Anywhere, on any Channel

Cut costs, improve transaction efficiency and increase customer satisfaction with CSG Interactive Messaging. Service providers can increase efficiency through automation and allow customers to self-serve. Interactive Messaging employs advanced speech recognition, CTI call center integration, agent transfer, and call recording/replay/transcription to get customers the information they want, whenever they want.

Our multichannel platform connects you with your customers via voice, email, and digital channels such as SMS/text, text-to-chat, web chat, social media and Messenger. Engage customers with the right message on the right channel, at any point in the customer lifecycle.

Connecting You With Your Customers

Each month, we connect more than half of all U.S. households. And every year, we send and receive more than 1.5 billion interactive voice, SMS/text, print, and email messages. Companies in every industry use CSG Interactive Messaging to drive business results and maximize every customer interaction.


We provide inbound and outbound voice via touchtone, speech recognition or natural language. And we offer the digital channels your customers use every day, like SMS, social, chat, and Messenger.


CSG Interactive Messaging is available in SaaS and PaaS deployment models. Integrate with your CRM or run as a standalone solution, and scale with our managed infrastructure.


Engage with the right message, across the lifecycle, in the customer’s preferred channel in multiple languages. Bridge customer interactions between channels for a seamless experience.

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