CSG Digital Desktop

Provide agents with a single-pane view of customer interactions and facilitate seamless movement between digital channels with CSG Digital Desktop.

A Single-Pane View of a Complex Ecosystem

Different agents using different tools on different channels isn’t just inefficient—it keeps agents from engaging in their work. According to Gallup, there is a 240 percent increase in performance-related business outcomes when customers and employees are engaged. By giving employees a consolidated, single-pane view, agents can handle three times as many customers and provide better customer experiences. Increased job satisfaction also means there’s less likelihood of turnover.

CSG Digital Desktop is a single, unified platform that banishes silos, and integrates legacy systems to provide agents with all the information they need to support any query the customer has, from general sales to service. Agents can track and communicate with customers in real time, even when they switch between channels. Agents can also add notes to client profiles, including assigning VIP status to high-value customers.

Support Any Digital Channel

Unlike most proactive text programs, Digital Desktop offers two-way texting and is one of the few platforms to support Apple Business Chat, which enables customers to communicate instantly with businesses using their iPhone or Apple device, including by voice via Siri.

Improve CSAT

Delight customers through meaningful engagement that is convenient, secure and values their time. Encourage top-line growth by enabling customers to self-serve in the channel of their choice.

Reduce Contact Center Costs

Shorten interaction times by letting agents support multiple channels at once. Provide a single platform for your agents to engage with digital customers: one digital agent can support 3-5 sessions concurrently.

Increase Efficiency

Increase productivity and reduce agent training by not having to maintain agent skills on multiple platforms. Create efficiencies for tasks such as report extraction, CRM integration, workforce planning, contact management, service and support through a single screen on the agent desktop.



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