Data Assurance

Enhance marketing initiatives with value-added services

Federal regulations have restricted how companies can communicate with prospects, via voice calls through landlines, mobile phones, and even SMS. Failing to comply with these laws can be costly: research shows that litigation costs for non-compliant companies has never been higher. But there’s an even greater cost to ignoring the rules: losing hard-earned trust with consumers and tarnishing your brand’s reputation.

Mitigate risks while optimizing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with CSG Data Assurance Services. Assure customers that available data is safe, secure, and encrypted. It starts with a simple but critical step: confirming that contact information associated with an individual is really theirs and is safe to use from a compliance standpoint. Through a secure multi-faceted approach coupled with the latest data protection technologies, you can abide by the regulations with full confidence while also ensuring that the customer you intended to reach is really on the other end of the line.

  • Create intelligent contact strategies with a simple wireline/mobile assessment using destination queries
  • Be confident you’re contacting the right person with TCPA Compliance queries that provide a strength score between the phone number and name
  • Minimize the risk of a misdial with sophisticated phone ownership and match capabilities, where a confidence score directly corresponds to a phone number and owner are still associated
  • Correct or add more than one address or phone number with expanded data sourcing


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