Media and Entertainment

You've a great library of content to share with customers—so why not sell directly to them? Forge new customer relationships and get the most from your media assets with CSG.

Entertainment Becomes Engagement

Engage. Empower. Entertain. Your customers demand dynamic experiences from their digital content, whether that’s videos, streaming music, or online gaming. You need a well-designed direct-to-consumer experience that keeps them coming back.

Quickly deliver and scale OTT (over-the-top) services with CSG. Offer TV, video, music, online games and other forms of digital entertainment across new digital channels. Deliver the content customers wanthow they want. Content is available to everyone, but give your customers a personalized experience to make them feel like they’re an audience of one. Tailor experiences based on geography, payment recurrence (annual or monthly), or household roles (parents and kids).

Digital Content Delivers

CSG supports more than 20 consumer apps for mobile, desktop and TV devices…and growing. We help you deliver personalized content experiences to any customer on any device, so they’re engaged and entertained. Whether they’re watching live or on the go, consumers can get content when, where and how they want. Don’t tie customers down with a monthly billlet them pay monthly, yearly, or as they go. Reward customers for their loyalty with coupons and vouchersand keep them coming back for more.

Same Content, Personalized Experiences

Use history, habits and preferences to personalize experiences (favorite show, team, etc.) and gain audience insight. Localize content to suit different markets, languages and currencies. And manage entitlements and content permissions to make sure only authorized fans can access content.

Support any Monetization and Payment Model

Customers should be able to watch what they wantand pay how they want. Subscription? Transaction? On demand? No problem. Our digital video solution covers them all, including TVOD, SVOD, EST and AVOD. Use eWallet capabilities to process payments on any device in real time, including: prepaid, credit or debit cards, loyalty programs, gift cards or third-party digital wallet offerings.

Let Customers Watch Whenever, Wherever

Make it easy for consumers to search, find and buy premium content on any channel or device. Deliver your live and on demand content through iOS, Android, Xbox, and smart TVs. Control the number of devices customers can access content on, while still giving them the freedom to access it anywhere.



The opportunity: Customer demand for digital services is higher than ever. The catch: your costs and time to market need to be lower than ever. The solution? A billing platform that lets you design, deliver, charge and bill for services as fast as the market changes. Make your billing better with CSG.

Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is your number one priority. Whether customers are calling your contact center to place an order or looking for answers online, you’re committed to helping them solve their problems. And we’re committed to helping you do it.

Video Services

You’ve got thousands of TV shows and movies in your content library—but can customers find them online? Let customers watch their favorite content anytime, anywhere, on any device with CSG.



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