CSG Total Service Mediation

With more devices, network types, services and applications to manage than ever, you need a robust mediation and service activation solution. CSG Total Service Mediation is that solution.

Improving Business Value and Performance With Accelerated Growth and Time-to-Revenue

Offline and online mediation is critical to processing every event, ensuring that it is revenue-generating. For real-time needs, it’s essential. The speed and volume of transactions doesn’t leave room for mistakes. Dropped transactions or processing delays can mean substantial revenue loss. In fast-growth markets, or in more established industries, the damage to the bottom line or brand reputation can be irreparable.

CSG Total Service Mediation is a cost-effective activation and mediation solution. Activate services and mediate any kind of event delivery interaction, with the reliability and security needed for revenue management and business-critical applications. It allows you to cost-effectively process vast transaction volumes and adapt to evolving business requirements.

Thrive in a Dynamic Market

With TSM, you can feel confident that the investments that you make in critical back-office systems can handle the competing priorities of growth, service innovation, network evolution and efficiency. CSG has extensive experience supporting various networks and proven LTE and IMS network integration expertise, and has developed 5G charging functions to support future networks.

Support Any Device or Service

TSM supports a diverse set of devices, services, networks and revenue models. With the ability to scale horizontally and vertically, it enables you to support the growth of transactions as a result of evolving networks and subscriber demands.

Recognize Revenue Sooner

The faster that you activate devices and services, and the more thoroughly and quickly that you manage billing events, the sooner you’ll recognize revenue. Revenue increases can be highly significant, even with modest improvements in activation velocity.

Deploy Quickly

TSM can be deployed in under three months to enable fast rollout of innovative new services. Plus predefined, reusable tools and processes simplify development.

CSG Total Service Mediation Components


Consolidate all mediation functions onto a single strategic platform. CSG Intermediate supports mediation across any domain (mobile, fixed, broadband), across all mediation functions (offline, online, network), and for all deployment approaches (on-premise, cloud, licensed software, or as a fully-managed service).


Automatically activate any service on any network. CSG Interactivate links susbscribers and services through a multi-service activation platform, letting providers rapidly launch new services and boost customer satisfaction.

TSM Insights

Simplify the complex and tap into the value of your data with CSG TSM Insights. The solution takes data from any source, such as OSS/BSS systems, network devices, IP probes, log files, messaging/VAS platforms and social media platforms.

Network Mediation

CSG Network Mediation cost effectively correlates vast volumes of usage data from across the network (e.g. radio, core and backhaul network, geolocation servers, log files, signaling systems) and back office systems, providing insight into customer and consumer behavior.

TSM Lawful Compliance

CSG TSM Lawful Compliance enables quick turnarounds of accurate data and reports needed to meet the regulatory demands of law enforcement and civil agencies for subscriber usage data in response to global crime and security threats.

Security Data Orchestrator

CSG Security Data Orchestrator expands Intermediate’s capability to process real-time events from security functions and network devices, such as routers, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention devices, load balancers, packet inspection devices, SIEM, VPN Host and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection servers.



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