Journey Analytics

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Building the right journey experience begins with CSG’s customer journey analytics.

Walk a Mile In Your Customers’ Shoes

Your customer’s journey can start anywhere—and go everywhere. With so many potential paths, you need a way to discover, measure and monitor the journeys that matter, and continue to optimize them to achieve better business outcomes.

CSG’s customer journey analytics ecosystem joins together digital touchpoints, siloed data sources and cross-channel behavior to assess the customer journey as it happens. Learn how customers flow through touchpoints, where they are stalling. Then, see how journeys are performing in real time to optimize and address any roadblocks that come up. Round out your analysis with a performance dashboard that provides deep insights into core business metrics.

A Single Journey View

Get insight to every part of your organization with a library of preconfigured connectors, real-time data updates and intelligent visualization tools to make every insight actionable.  

Journey Analytics and Optimization

Determine where to start designing, orchestrating, or refining to deliver the best customer experiences. Create a path for segment creation and analysis and enable users to bring segment data back into orchestration and inform next best action.

Journey Monitoring

Monitor journey activity in real time, with live counts of each time a journey or journey step is triggered. Use that insight to understand how real-time volume fluctuations can impact other channels.

Journey Performance

Correlate key journey behaviors to critical KPIs like NPS and revenue and business metricsProvide your team and stakeholders with a robust view of how your journeys are performing, with breakdowns into critical segments and comparisons of various journeys. 

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CSG Xponent

Finally—a customer engagement platform that brings it all together. Deliver personalized experiences in real time, across all your communication channels, and driven by your data with CSG Xponent. 

Journey as a Service

Want to launch journeys faster than you could code them? Leverage industry-specific, pre-packaged starter kits and experience design services to launch high-value journeys in under 90 days.

Journey Orchestration

Consumers expect seamless experiences across all touchpoints with brands they do business with. Orchestrate conversations that are consistent and relevant to the customer’s journey with CSG. 



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