CSG Precision eCare

“The future is digital” is an obsolete statement. Customers already expect digital customer service. Offer intuitive, holistic brand eCare to your customers with CSG.

Modular, Scalable, Integrated Self-Service Enablement

Cut costs and increase efficiency by giving customers what they crave most: convenience. Let customers set up order times, upgrade their service and pay online through web-based self-service portals—all when and how they want. It’s customer service on their terms.

Precision eCare is a web-based suite of self-service solutions which allows you to customize your electronic interactions with your customers through multiple online channels and applications. The suite supports bill pay, activity monitoring and alerting, ordering, marketing, and more. Better manage customer preferences and improve retention, loyalty, and satisfaction with Precision eCare.

Precision eCare Portfolio

Precision eBPP

Make it easy for customers view and pay their bills on your website. Decrease any days sales outstanding (DSO) with multiple payment options so that they’re more likely to follow through. To avoid any outstanding payments, keep customers in the loop with monthly email reminders.

Precision eMail

With hundreds of billions of emails sent every day, how can you make sure your bills, statements and promotional emails are read by customers? Use CSG Precision eMail.

Payment Kiosks

What if you could streamline the payment process in your retail stores—and let your employees focus more on making sales and less accepting payments? CSG’s kiosk solution lets you do just that.


Your customers have enough bills to pay and too many places to pay them. Make the billing process easier and let customers pay all their bills from one place with Consolidator.


Making a good impression on customers has never been more critical than in today’s competitive communications marketplace. Use real-time, personalized videos to explain common account information to new and existing customers, and make your brand stand out.



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