CSG Payment Kiosks

What if you could streamline the payment process in your retail stores—and let your employees focus more on making sales and less accepting payments? CSG's kiosk solution lets you do just that.

Payments Just Got Easier

Make it easy for customers to pay their bills on the go with a standalone payment kiosk. Accept different kinds of payment like credit, debit, or check with walk-in payment centers. Kiosk reduces your operating expenses by serving multiple customers from a single location. Accept traditional and emerging payment methods, including cash, debit, credit, EMV, EFT entry, contactless payments, and more.

Kiosk is part of the Precision eCare solution. Kiosks are free-standing units that our clients can deploy in their retail stores. Customers can utilize the kiosk to look up their balance and pay their bill using multiple payment methods.



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