CSG Visual Connect

Save your field technician the trip. Let your contact center agents troubleshoot technical issues remotely through image and video sharing.


By 2027, the world will have more than 41 billion connected devices. When customers experience issues with those devices, how will businesses provide on-demand troubleshooting for them all?

Field service fleets and contact centers will be stretched thin responding to growing trouble calls for devices. Customers will grow frustrated as contact center agents fail to resolve issues and must schedule field service appointments. Some customers won’t wait for a field technician visit and may return the products altogether, even if it turns out they required only quick fixes or instructions.

What if contact centers could resolve more technical issues by seeing what customers see, and with a solution that scales?

CSG Visual Connect lets customer service agents visually troubleshoot the customer’s problem. It enables quicker resolutions and eliminates field service appointments, all while providing a great customer experience.


Visual Connect is a web-based SaaS solution that expands the troubleshooting capabilities of your customer service representatives (CSRs). Visual Connect saves the time, expense and inconvenience of truck-rolling a field technician to do it days later. Customers can share a video or photos with agents through their smartphone camera. This lets the agent see the problem, diagnose the issue and show the customer what to do visually, using augmented reality technology.


Any support center can use Visual Connect, from customer care to internal IT helpdesks. It doesn’t require connectivity with the end user’s device or an app download. Agents launch Visual Connect from a link on their dashboard, and customers use their smartphone camera to let agents see through their mobile device. With no integration or installation required, you can have Visual Connect go live in weeks.


Visual Connect allows agents to mark up images—circling a button or pointing to a cord—and send them to customers for guidance during the interaction. Through machine learning, Visual Connect builds a knowledge base of these markups to help address recurring customer issues.


With visual explanations that make CSR interactions more efficient, Visual Connect can reduce time to resolution and increase first-call resolutions. And the efficient interactions not only improve customer satisfaction, but CSR satisfaction as well.



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