Transportation and Logistics

You've promised your shipments and sales will be on time, every time. And in a business where speed is paramount, you're not about to miss any deadlines. With CSG, you'll deliver on your promises.

Connecting Your Global Supply Chain

When you’re sending parcels or selling tickets for the next available train, you don’t have a second to spare. Customers want updates in real time, and deliveries that arrive when you say they will.

CSG is your trusted transportation and logistics partner. We offer revenue management and notification solutions that help you sell, track, notify and bill customers for shipments and transports.

Delivering on the Road and Online

CSG works with some of the world’s largest logistics companies to help them deliver products and services on time every day. Our customers have been able to decrease redeliveries by 4 percent with automated notifications, and process over 35 million sales records per month.

Manage Sales at Scale

Process millions of transactions every day, whether you’re selling postage stamps, parcels, or passage on a train. Our billing system processes transactions in real time for instant updates. You can also set up business rules to share revenue with key partners.

Send Real-Time Notifications

Keep customers informed with automatic notifications about package pick-up and delivery times. Contact customers over any channel—voice, SMS, MMS, mobile push notifications or email. And let them pick their favorite channel for future notifications.

Design And Deliver Bills and Statements

You deliver almost everything—let us take document mailing and delivery off your hands. Leverage our nationwide reach to send printed documents and bills anywhere in the United States. Our creative services team can work with you to design bills that are easy for customers to read and act on.


Revenue and Customer Management

Our flexible, configurable business support systems (BSS) help over 500 companies worldwide monetize and digitally enable their customer experiences.

Digital Messaging

Customers are adopting digital channels faster than you can support themuntil now. Use CSG’s digital messaging solutions to communicate with customers on the digital channels they use todayand add the ones they’ll want tomorrow.

Output Solutions

Building relationships with your customers takes many forms—and it often takes the form of communications like bills and statements. The ability to craft, customize and streamline the distribution of these communications allows you to better foster positive customer relationships well into the future.



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