CSG Advanced Convergent Platform (ACP)

Support video, data, wireless, home security and voice services for residential and commercial accounts with ACP.

Cable Billing and Customer Care

CSG Advanced Convergent Platform™ (ACP) is our proven solution for cable billing, customer care and business optimization. ACP is the market leader in the North American cable and DBS industry. We provide a reliable, outsourced, fully functional, customer care and billing platform.

At CSG, we know seamless customer experience is critical to your business and ours. Our proven customer and billing management platform supports the entire buying journey, from account setup, install and upgrade.

ACP’s pre-integrated approach to billing and revenue management gives you the flexibility to scale billing operations with ease. We’ll handle the heavy lifting of syncing all of your systems, so you can focus on satisfying customers and growing your business.

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Product Configurator

Dynamically create, present, and order complex pricing and bundles for sale to your customers.


Provide CSRs with accurate and detailed customer information at their fingertips, so you can reduce call times (and customer frustration).

Business Reporting

Simple but powerful: timely insights that help you make smart business decisions.


CSG offers several easy-to-use interfaces to allow our clients or vendors to integrate with CSG’s billing system.



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