CSG Interactivate

New services and packages often require complex activation to be implemented across several different elements. CSG Interactivate enables simple, rapid integration of new technologies.

An Activation Platform That Easily Keeps Up With Demand

Network evolution, consolidation, explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), and complex service bundles require a real-time, multi-service activation solution. CSG Interactivate is that solution.

Automatically activate any service on any network. CSG Interactivate links subscribers and services through a multi-service activation platform, letting providers rapidly launch new services and boost customer satisfaction. Build complex service bundles like IPTV and IMS, then break them down into manageable network tasks that accelerate your time to market.

Accelerate Device Activation

Interactivate supports a diverse set of devices, services and networks. With the ability to scale horizontally and vertically, it enables you to support the growth of transactions now and keep up with evolving networks, devices and subscriber demands. We’re built to scale—Interactivate processes over 25 million activation requests a day at single production site.

Simplify Complex Activation

Interactivate is designed to support complex, advanced networks. As an automated, highly configurable service activation platform, it minimizes the cost of integrating heterogeneous networks, technologies, and vendor devices. Interactivate turns high-level service requests into device-specific commands and executes those commands automatically on network elements.

Quickly Launch New Services

The graphical design environment ensures that new and modified business rules can be quickly modeled, developed and tested before being rolled out in the production system. This process ensures that the workflows meet the precise activation requirements, expediting time to market and minimizing costs.

Reduce Costs

Interactivate offers low total cost of ownership and is one of the most affordable activation platforms available when deployed using a Linux operating system with the option of PostgreSQL. Interactivate can be deployed and operated at a significantly lower cost than competing solutions due to a lower cost of making changes and a highly cost-effective database layer.



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