CSG SmartVideo

Making a good first impression on customers has never been more critical. Use real-time, personalized videos to explain account information to new and existing customers—and make your brand stand out.

Show and Tell

Studies show that the most critical part of delivering a high-quality experience occurs within the first 90 days after a customer signs up. During this period, customers are more likely to call your company with questions.

CSG SmartVideo delivers personalized real-time video to customers, providing detailed account and usage information in a user-friendly, visual format. This customized, real-time customer communication is proven to reduce churn, lower costs and create higher customer satisfaction.

The Power of Video

CSG’ SmartVideo blends storytelling with real-time, scalable, and highly targeted solutions to improve the overall customer experience with a brand. Reuse scenes from our scene library to get economies of scale, and leverage real-time streaming data to drive contextual relevance. The solution is biller-agnostic so we can work with any billing or CRM system.

Demystify Statements

Deliver a highly personalized, line-by-line video explanation of key elements of a customers’ first bill. Subscribers who watch videos are more likely to understand the charges—and less likely to call your contact center.

Lower Costs

Reduce call handle times and call center inquiries overall—and reduce the costs of customer care. Explaining charges to customers up front also helps decrease churn and the cost of losing a customer.


Because videos are created in real-time for each subscriber and personalized to include their name, account information, usage details and services based on their unique history, customers are more likely to view the video. Video can also help customers see firsthand the value of new services.



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