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Context Is Key: How to Break Through The Notification Noise to Drive Customer Engagement

eBook | 12.4 MB

Today, batch-and-blast mass communications are no longer good enough. Improving customer engagement now requires context-dri ...

Maximizing Mobile: 5 Field Service Challenges To Tackle With Your Mobile App And Platform

eBook | 2.2 MB

The mobile device—it’s become the tool no field service professional can do their job without. And chances are they can ...

5 Foundations for 5G Commercialization

eBook | 5.8 MB


5G revenues are projected to increase as customers migrate from 4G and CSPs design new use cases. CSPs need a ...

Deliver Stellar Warranty Service: Your Reputation Depends on It

eBook | 7.3 MB

5 Capabilities You Need to Deliver a Frictionless Warranty Customer Experience

Sometimes products break. The warranty custo ...

Bridging The Experience Gap In The Pharmaceutical Industry

eBook | 1.9 MB

Despite data challenges, legal risks and significant development costs, customer experience is a major competitive differentiator in the pharmaceut ...

Getting to the Big Stage: Working Together to Improve the Customer Journey

eBook | 1.1 MB

Your business and customers generate an abundance of data every day. How are you using that data to drive improvements t ...