Atlantic Broadband Improves CSAT and Reduces Truck Rolls With CSG Visual Connect

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“We can control a frontline agent’s ability to achieve first call resolution [FCR],” says Atlantic Broadband customer care leader Courtney Long. The key? Making the right technology investments for the contact center, she explains.

Atlantic Broadband focuses on boosting FCR to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. To that end, they equipped their agents with CSG Visual Connect, a solution that lets them use remote visual troubleshooting to resolve more of their customers’ technical issues. The company’s agents gave Visual Connect high marks for effectiveness, and it helped them prevent 57 percent of field service truck rolls.

But not only did Atlantic Broadband’s agents embrace Visual Connect to provide a new dimension of support to customers, they also discovered creative uses of the solution that went beyond remote visual troubleshooting. Find out more in this detailed customer story.